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Kenny Simpson 

Resident since 2015

The Richmond Kiwanis Senior Citizens Housing Society Organization Members, Office Manager Milan Kljajic and Staff have always treated me with the upmost respect, compassion and rules to keep me safe and happy while providing me with a much needed; safe environment; exceptionally well maintained: exceptionally affordable housing. A beautiful building to live in and all the amenities we could every need close at hand. As a Tenant/Correction I feel more like a family member; I try to reciprocate to Kiwanis and staff by keeping my apartment clean, avoid making messes in the building and treat those who are looking after us seniors with the same respect and compassion they give us.

Kam Lui

Resident since 2015

I always share my amazing living experience to my friends, all I know. Since July 2015 and now, it has been 5 years we moved into Kiwanis Towers in Richmond. Comfortable, quiet, safety and tidy of the building is entirely under the care and maintenance by the nice and professional management staff. Added by the Management, Kiwanis has many facilities in the Towers to allow residents to have proper exercise and recreation. Especially the fitness equipment and Table tennis room, we really like and enjoy it.

The management organizes exciting activities from time to time every year, such as pancake breakfast, BBQ parties and Christmas dinner. They all bring a lot of fun and happiness to the residents. Thank you to Kiwanis. Thank you, Mr. Milan and the team. Very appreciative for everything that work for us.

Jaime & Theresa Pestano

Resident since 2015

Our experience as a tenant of Kiwanis Tower A since March 2015 has been a learning and fruitful one.

We are grateful and thankful for all the many good things that made our stay here up to the present very memorable.Your staff and team really work hard to help the building clean, follow-ups and distributing reminders, updates of current safety measures and many more. We both feel very safe here.

We hope other tenants feel the same way and do their share as a good tenant. We all need to work both ways as a team in the community of seniors. Blessings to the Kiwanis Club and Management.

Eva Ho

Resident since 2017

I live in Tower A of Kiwanis Towers. I love living here because we have perfect professional management. Besides, I enjoy the facilities, we have our own library, fitness room, games room and a multi-purpose room.

Kiwanis Towers is located in the heart of Richmond. In front, we have Richmond Centre, where we can go shopping and eating; go through the mall, we have sky train (Canada Line) and buses, it’s very convenient. Behind us is the beautiful Minoru Park. There are other fabulous amenities, including the Richmond Library, Minoru Aquatic Centre and Arenas, Seniors Centre, Richmond Hospital, Gateway Theatre, all within walking distance.

For all the above reasons, I am proud to call Kiwanis Towers – my HOME.

Theresa Chan

Resident since 2015

I have been living in Kiwanis Towers since 2015. The administration and management of the organization are doing a very good job providing a present environment for the seniors. There are gym and games room in the building for the seniors to spend their leisure time. In order to entertain the seniors, they organize various activities such as Saturday Pancake breakfast, barbecue at summer time, parties for the festival etc.

I feel very safe, comfortable and enjoy living in the Kiwanis Towers. I really appreciate the time and effort of the organization to make such beautiful place for the seniors.


Resident since 2015

I just want to tell all my heart’s feeling while I moved in Kiwanis building almost 5 years ago. In this period, I can only tell all it’s a very very wonderful home.

Our management, their staff and neighbors all are very nice and friendly.

Wanda Williams

Resident since 2015

During the past 5 years, I have enjoyed living here. My unit is modern and compact.

Location of this building is within walking distance of the doctor, dentist, bank and the mall. Close by is also a Seniors Centre, a lovely park where some wildlife resides.

There is a court yard that is well maintained with flowers and hedges. It is a lovely space to walk or enjoy just sitting.

Being 85 years of age, I feel very fortunate that I live here.

Frank Yeung

Resident since 2015

I am one of the senior tenants who live in Kiwanis Towers which are two apartment buildings located in Richmond City. My wife and I moved into a suite of these buildings five years ago and our life has changed tremendously ever since.

We found ourselves surrounded by so many active and nice neighbors who treat each other like a close friend that impressed us so much. Although we pay a rental of low-income rate, we lead a comparatively high quality life style. I like to stroll in the garden on our terrace and enjoy flowers, birds and fresh air. We are in the centre of the city so errands can be easily done just by walking.

Life here is so vigorous yet peaceful and I hope we can keep it forever.

Ann Yue

Resident since 2015

I am very happy living at Kiwanis Towers as I can go walking every morning in the Minoru Park. I enjoy dancing, exercise and parties in the Kiwanis Towers. The Manager and the staff are very friendly. Most of the tenants in the Kiwanis Towers are very nice and I have made a lot of friend here.

Eddie Chan

Resident since 2015

I occupied a upper level unit in the Kiwanis Tower. The view here is so amazing. I can see Vancouver, the Airport and almost all of Richmond in the day and those beautiful sparkling lights in the night.

All residents here are very kind and friendly. I just love living here.

Margaret Lee

Resident since 2015

The Kiwanis Senior Housing Society has organized functions throughout the year in which I appreciate very much. The Hair Salon and Gym Room are my favorable place to visit. Thank you very much for Milan, the Office Manager and his caretaker for looking after the Kiwanis Towers. Thank you for Milan, the Office Manager to organize the distribution of masks to us during the Covid 19.

Eleanor and Edward 

Resident since 2015

The building’s location is very convenient. It is close to the sky train / bus station and shopping mall / supermarket.

The management is good; they keep the whole building very clean, exterior windows cleaning / carpet cleaning every year, public rooms and hallways cleaning every day. They keep the hygiene on the building very well that the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic have not spread out here.

Mr. Milan Kljajic is a very professional office manager, he is very responsibility, quick response for our request and complains, kind and helpful to our residents.


Resident since 2016

A long time resident at Kiwanis Towers (Over 4 years). It is my home. Great staff, very polite and professional. Our Manager and staff are very easy to talk to.

Zhi Qi Zheng & Ru Hu Lin

Resident since 2015

In these 5 years, we witnessed and felt for ourselves, the team under the leadership of manager, Milan Kljajic, showed excellent and outstanding management level to Kiwanis Towers. Actively organize various life and entertainment activities. Do everything possible to improve the living environment and quality of life of all households. Milan’s team is seriously responsible for the work, treat other with sincerity and enthusiasm, strive to provide high quality services for the elders. All residents of Kiwanis Towers have seen the excellent results of Milan’s team and received unanimous praise from everyone!

Volunteer Groups
Abdulrehman Premji 

Resident since 2015

I moved from Vitoria, BC to Richmond some 5 + years ago, and rented an apartment in this very magnificent place called Kiwanis' Senior Residence located across Richmond Mall, and owned by Kiwanis' International. I was amongst first few people to move into this newly built Kiwanis' Residence, built by well know builders Polygon Builders. In addition to one of the best locations in Richmond, its best feature is its management. It is next to none. Starting from its volunteer directors of Kiwanis' International, and managed by experienced AWM Alliance Real Estate Group, headed by The Vice President, Mr. Tyler Johnson, and day to day affairs run by Mr. Milan Kijajic, The Manager, Milan Kljajic and the care taker John, the place becomes wonderful and peaceful for us, The Seniors . The help of the entire team of management, specially its daily affairs, makes our life pleasant and worry free, especially in such an extraordinary period of Corona Virus. The management was ahead of The Government to take steps to protect us, the senior tenants, from catching deadly virus.

The repairs are rarely needed, and when needed, the help comes in no time. The facilities in the building, features Exercise Room with built in TV and all the required exercise equipment, Library, Hair Dressing Room, Billiard Pool Room, and much much more. Within the outside area includes beautiful garden, and barbecue facilities for our comfort. Often the directors and the management offer free Barbecue Parties, Christmas Party is organized every year and much more. You have to experience to appreciate the place.

To summarize, I will never hesitate to call it, "The Heaven on Earth". Living at Kiwanis' Seniors Residence I believe, will further stretch one's life to more than 10 healthy years. I, even for a second, do not regret to move from Victoria, the beautiful small city, to Kiwanis' Residence. I consider myself lucky for my decision to move in this care free building with such an excellent management. And trust me, I am not kidding.

Sherman & Helen Lee

Resident since 2015

First of all, we must show our appreciation to all of your staff members in Kiwanis Towers for rendering our seniors to have such a high level living standard quarters so that we can have a wonderful and comfortable homes.

We have been living in Kiwanis Towers for more than 5 years. As a matter of fact, Kiwanis Towers are in the middle of urban area, we really feel very convenient to have shopping and or dim sum just around the corner. We really enjoy living here very much.

Especially we are very lucky to have our manager (Milan) who has done an excellent job to serve our seniors and always give us lots of better advice to protect us. He is always trying every method to improve our living standard which we really appreciate very much. As far as we know, John is a very hard working man and he is very diligent and very serious in doing his daily job. John has a very pleasant manner.

However, up to the present moment, we really enjoy living in Kiwanis and we hope Kiwanis Towers will continue to build more similar living quarters for the seniors. Once again, many thanks for Kiwanis Towers staff members who give us a lot of excellent services to our seniors especially during COVID-19.

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